DTI Technology

Industry Firsts

DTI Technology

DTI is known for developing solutions that go beyond existing capabilities, answering the call of the industry's needs.

Members of the DTI team are responsible for the designs of the industry's first:

Slip-Joint Tensioner System

DTI's patented slip-joint tensioner combines industry-proven components to deliver a single tool that operates as both a slip joint and a riser tensioner system. The innovative design saves space and weight while reducing safety hazards in the moon pool.

Single Wireline 250k System

The unique design of DTI's single wireline riser tensioner system saves weight and space while maintaining its robust capacity and functionality.

Dual Wireline Riser Tensioner System

DTI's dual wireline riser tensioner systems offer a clear technology advantage over the typical industry brand with a smaller envelope, added safety and 30% less weight.

Ram-style, Splash-zone Protected Riser Tensioner

This ram-style riser tensioner is located in the splash zone and is designed to protect it from the wave impact generated in such an environment.

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